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Appetizer Archives | The Gallery Restaurant


Caesar Salad

Caesar salad

A salad of romaine lettuce and croutons dressed with parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing.

Fried Sun-Dried Squid - The Gallery Restaurant

Fried Sun-Dried Squid

Kung Chae Nampla - The Gallery Restaurant

Shrimp in Fish Sauce

Fresh shrimps with spicy fish sauce

Sai Ua - The Gallery Restaurant

Sai Ua

Famous Chiang Mai pork sausage served with ginger, chili, limes & peanuts.

Yum Tawine - The Gallery Restaurant

Yum Tawine

Winged bean salad with chicken, pork, prawns in light coconut milk and peanut sauce.

Kung Manow - The Gallery Restaurant

Kung Manow

Thai prawn salad with lemon, lemongrass, chili-garlic (a) mild (b) medium (c) hot.

Shrimp Pancakes - The Gallery Restaurant

Shrimp Pancakes

Mussels Spicy Salad - The Gallery Restaurant

Hoy Malangpoo Manow

Mussels spicy salad with lemon, lemongrass, chili-garlic (a) mild (b) medium (c) hot

Spring Rolls

Por Pia

Shrimp or vegetable spring rolls

Prawn Cakes - The Gallery Restaurant

Tod Mun Kung

Minced Prawn with Plum sauce

Glass Noodle Salad - The Gallery Restaurant

Yum Woon Sen

Spicy Glass Noodle Salad with minced Pork and sea food

Sun Dried Beef - The Gallery Restaurant

Moo Daad Deo / Nua Daad Deo

Fried Pork or Beef Thai style with Kaffir Lime Leaves.

Crab Balls - The Gallery Restaurant

Crab Rolls

Deep fried crab balls

Ta Bong - The Gallery Restaurant

Ta Bong

Deep fried, battered Pumpkin/Papaya with mild spices served with Peanut sauce

Chiang Mai Sausage Salad - The Gallery Restaurant

Yum Naem / Yum Moo York

Spicy Chiang Mai Sausage Salad or Vietnamese Sausage Salad

Grilled Pork Salad - The Gallery Restaurant

Yum Moo Yang / Yum Nua Yang

Spicy salad with grilled pork or beef.

Som Tum - The Gallery Chiang Mai

Som Tum Thai / Som Tum Pu

Spicy Thai Papaya salad with salted Crab (Hot, Medium or Mild)

Miang Come - The Gallery Restaurant

Miang Come

Fresh Betel leaves served with dried shrimps, coconut, fresh lime, shallots, peanuts & palm sugar dip.

Baked Scallops/Mussels - The Gallery Restaurant

Hoy Ob Kratiam

Baked Scallops / Mussels with Garlic & Butter served in Clay hot dish with French bread.

Hors D'oeuvre Muang - Appetizer - The Gallery Restaurant Chiang Mai

Hors D’oeuvre Muang

Hors D’oeuvre Chiang Mai style